mobilefriendlytestDid you know over 66% of people now search by mobile device?

Sites that are not optimized for mobile, will NOT rank in Google's search results. Luckily for you we can help you with that. Click the button below to see how your site looks and performs on Google search.

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Does your site have the right mark up?

Have you heard of Structured data? Chances are you probably haven't. Structured data is very important when it comes to your site ranking. It's something that Google is very secretive about. Understanding how to create structured data and schema markup is important if you want to climb the ranks of Google. Google created a testing tool for developers to see if your site has this specific structure. If your site is not "all good" chances are you will have trouble ranking in Google without the correct format of optimization. With ClickSprouts hard coding capabilities, we can get your data structure to pass all of Googles requirements.

Structured Data Test